Marentza Poulsen

Marentza Poulsen was born and raised in the Faroe Islands with her food loving parents and moved in her teens with her family to Iceland. Since her career began within the restaurant sector Marentza started first at Saga Hotel and later at Hótel loftleiðum. When she was 18 years old she went to Copenhagen where Traditionnal smörrebröd jómfrúin was born, Marentza has strong feelings for the Danish food tradition as well as the influence of her mother who knew how to exploit and make delicious meals from leftovers. 

Since Marentza moved back to Iceland, her live has more or less revolved around food and catering as well the related courses. These include the position of restaurant manager for many years in Oddfellow House and Hótel Borg, managing café's and summer hotel in Skálholt.

Marentza has held an array of courses where attempts to direct Icelanders into the right path in terms of Christmas preparations, facilities of all sizes and table decorations to mention little peanut table that grace many of households in Advent. Marentza opened Flóran in the Botanical Gardens in 1997 and has Flóran grown and develop from year to year since then.