Food & Drinks


The menu

Our menu consists of classic and new courses that are inspired by Scandinavian food culture and are made with ingredients that we grow in our garden and greenhouse. The rest of our ingredient comes from the farmers around the country. Our menu is seasonal and changes regularly. Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 11am
to 3pm.


Try our home made lemonade or a nice beer from a local brewery. A range of organic wine and beer is on our menu, made to fit with the food. Flóran’s happy hour is from 17-19 every day where drinks are on a reduced price and as well as a special light snack menu, designed to accompany your drinks.


We believe that food tastes best when it comes from the freshest ingredient possible. At Flóran we use as much of organic fruit and vegetables as possible, a large part of which we grow in our herb and vegetables garden and greenhouse. We trade with the local farmers without a middleman to get the best quality ingredients possible while trading in a fair way.

Flóran's goal

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality food, made from scratch in our kitchen. We seek to provide a unique experience where food and environment play together. We are an environmentally conscious restaurant and support our local community.